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Who and what is DAN MOI?

Clemens Voigt



The history of DAN MOI goes back to the year 2000, when travelling musician Clemens Voigt first encountered a small Jew's Harp from the mountains of Vietnam – the Dan Moi. Instantly, he fell in love with the instrument and decided to fly to Vietnam in order to seek out Dan Moi makers and musicians.

Returning to his hometown Leipzig in Germany, Clemens set up a shop for musical instruments, which he dubbed after his new favourite – DAN MOI.

Clemens is travelling a lot - always looking for new and still unknown Jew's Harp models and other interesting and not-so-usual musical instruments.

During the following years, he spent several months each year in Vietnam to work closely with the families of traditional instrument makers.


Sven "RoXi" Otto



In 2002, his friend and fellow musician Sven "RoXi" Otto joined Clemens and the DAN MOI - Clemens Voigt & Sven Otto GbR was born.

RoXi took on the task of restructuring the sales department and he oversaw the foundation of their own music label Dan Moi Records.

RoXi is not only a Jew's Harp virtuoso, but he is a gifted flutist too: his performances on Shakuhachi and Duduk regularly move the audience to tears. That's why he's your man when you come up with a questions about our flutes and wind instruments.


Our Team

With the years passing our Jew's Harp and world music instruments expert team grew and grew. Although every one of us has his/her own areas of responsibility, each of us knows our products very well and is able and pleased to answer your questions and give advice.



Imagine Oli as one who sits in front of a screen - always with a jaw harp binky between his lips. He's the caretaker of our data household, he tries to keep our webshop up-to-date and fulfills internal special requests. But when there's a chance he loves to use every opportunity to attend trade fairs and festivals.



If you call us by phone in most cases you will talk to Kai. He is responsible for customer communications and he is processing your orders. Kai is also the guy who cares for that we can find anything where we expect it - a fairly enormous quality in a shop with our variety!



Emmanuel is our interior designer and jack-of-all-trades artisan. He's the right and the left hand of Kai in our shipping department. And he is able to solve complicated mathematical issues.


Our Products


As mentioned above, it all began with the tiny Vietnamese Jew's Harp Dan Moi.

Owing to intensive work and research as well as extensive travels to Jew's Harp blacksmiths on several continents, DAN MOI has become one of the world's leading specialist dealers in Jew's Harps today. DAN MOI offers an impressive diversity of Jew's Harps, Jew's Harp music and Jew's Harp accessories, including more than 300 different Jew's Harps from three continents.

In addition we offer a wide range of auxilary instruments, percussives, flutes and other well selected intrumental delicacies.


Fair Trade and Ecology



Fair Trade!?

DAN MOI works very closely with the families of the instrument makers. As a direct consequence, we have already been able to create some 20 jobs in Vietnam. Due to the positive influence of our work in developing countries, the German Fair Trade organisation has accepted DAN MOI as a supplier.


Most of our Vietnamese wooden instruments are made from Jackfruit wood (Vietn. MIT, Latin: Artocarpus heterophyllus). The Jackfruit trees are cultivated in plantations for their tasty fruit – the tough wood, which lends itself particularly well to instrument making, is more or less a 'by-product' of the fruit trade. As the Jackfruit is not a native of Vietnam, the use of this wood also helps to protect the country's original forest.

Wherever possible, we make exclusive use of natural products for final treatments and finishes of our musical instruments.


The Dan Mois are in motion...

Seeking out Jew's Harp makers

One essential part in our work as Jew's Harp experts is the continious search for still unknown Jew's Harp makers. Many smiths are not producing in a huge commercial manner, but most are making Jew's Harp as a hobby or cultural activity. With lots of experience, contacts, patience and helping hints from our friends and customers we are able to find out "new" Jew's Harp makers and models again and again.


One of the most interesting and funny part of our work is attending Jew's Harp, Overtone and Didgeridoo festivals all over the world. Sometimes we have an own stand where you can talk to us and try a large range of various Jew's Harps and other musical instruments.



As Jew's Harp experts we are invited to lecture about Jew's Harps once in a while.

Music Trade Fairs

Because we are a wholesaler for musical instruments, too, it is obligatory to attend some important music trade fairs - especially the one in Frankfurt. There we are also able to inform ourselves about the latest developments. And from time to time we discover some new and interesting instruments complementing our own shop. Not only Jew's Harps!


Ancient Trance - The International Festival for Jew's Harp & World Music


Maultrommel und Weltmusik Festival - Ancient Trance 2007 Maultrommel und Weltmusik Festival - Ancient Trance 2008 Maultrommel und Weltmusik Party - Ancient Trance Dance 2009 Maultrommel und Weltmusik Party - Ancient Trance Dance 2010 Maultrommel und Weltmusik Festival - Ancient Trance 2010

Maultrommel und Weltmusik Party - Ancient Trance Dance 2011 Maultrommel und Weltmusik Festival - Ancient Trance 2011 Maultrommel und Weltmusik Festival - Ancient Trance 2012 Maultrommel und Weltmusik Festival - Ancient Trance 2013 Maultrommel und Weltmusik Festival - Ancient Trance 2014


In November 2007 we organized the First International Jew's Harp Festival in Germany. We called the festival Ancient Trance to refer to the ancient tradition of the Jew's Harp playing espacially in trance and dance rituals. On the other hand the name implicates a connection to contemporary electronic dance music and the recent trend to musical world fusion projects. So, the Ancient Trance Jew's Harp Festival includes folkloristic elements but intentionally puts the focus on "danceable".

For the organization of the Ancient Trance Festival in 2008 we and some other interested fellows founded the Maultrommel e. V. (Registered Association, see next column), in order to emphasize the community aspects of this festival. Since then our company Dan Moi acts as a supporter for the Ancient Trance Festival.



We love Jew's Harps and Jew's Harp Music. We are involved in it in our leisure time, too. And we would like to contribute to the Jew's Harp "community". Therefore some of us and some Jew's Harp friends founded the Maultrommel e. V. ( The main objects of the Maultrommel e. V. are the advancement and promotion of "Jew's Harp culture" in general and the organization of the Ancient Trance Jew's Harp Festival in particular. Of course there are other projects planned in future, too.

If you are interested in contributing as a member of the Maultrommel e. V., just have a look at the Maultrommel e. V. website.