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Save Kubing - Geschnitztes Krokodilsmaul
Item No.: MBP-5

Kubing - Carved Crocodile Jaw

Bamboo Jew's Harp from the Philippines

Large richly decorated Kubing (or Kumbing) bamboo Jew's Harp. Her grip in the symbolic shape of a crocodile jaw has got lovingly carved embellishments.

Tuning Free Tuning
Length 31.0 cm (12.2")
Jew's Harp Type Lips Jew's Harp
Origin Country Philippines
Material Bamboo

Availability: Out of stock

8.90 € ¹
Incl. 19% VAT, Excl. shipping

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  • Good value, easy to play, easy to tweak or tune.I like these. In fact I like just about any kubing. They're good to play and simple to work on if you get one that is a little "short" on resonance or sustain.
    But mine was OK right out of the box.

    The only alteration to my "Croc", apart from a very little thinning of the leaf to increase the sustain was, after a while, to remove the "horns" on the tip of the plucking end.

    It is more forgiving to play when there is no "horn" to catch on the corners of the tip, and so less chance of the tongue striking the edge of the aperture.

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