Save Little Tongue Vibration Orchestra - A Preview
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Little Tongue Vibration Orchestra - A Preview

A preview-CD of the Little Tongue Vibration Orchestra (LTVO) - the "in-house-combo" of Dan Moi with approx. 20 minutes of multimedia footage.

You can play this CD as audio (5 songs) in a standard CD player or you can watch the video clip (tiny avi) on your PC.

In their ethnic and intuitive world fusion music based on improvisation many elements from all over the world flow in without any unpleasant audible emphasis.

They merge this melodic atmoshere with the beats of the clubscene like trance, drum'n'bass or techno in a acoustic manner and it fits suprisingly well with Arabian and Asian rhythms. Additionally these sounds float on a wave of fundamental tone instruments like shrutiboxes or didgeridoo and polyphonic singing.

This musical fusion can`t imagined more crazy but in the end the result is splendidly harmonious and danceable.

  • Clemens Voigt : Maultrommel / Jew's Harp, Didgeridoo, Percussions

  • Erik Manouz Wisniewski : Hang, Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Vocals

  • Michaela 'Miša' Holubova : Vocals, Shruti Box, Castanets

  • Sascha Eichhorn : Tabla, Sidepercussions

  • Seba Setjan David : Violin, Vocals, Didgeridoo, String Instruments

  • Sven 'Roxi' Otto : Maultrommel / Jew's Harp, Shakuhachi, Duduk, Kaval, Fujara

Origin Germany
CD Genre World Fusion
Datenträgertyp Multimedia CD
Runtime 20 min
Year 2008

Availability: In stock | Delivery time EU: 5-14 days, WORLD: 10-30 days

Availability: In stock | Delivery time EU: 5-14 days, WORLD: 10-30 days

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Track List:
01. Danja Lele
02. Bamboo Groove
03. Mama Tjena
04. Manali
05. Dan Moi Goa

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