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Albrechtsberger - Konzerte für Maultrommel & Mando

A time travel into the 18th century - at the emperor's palace there is a demand for variety - artists on uncommon instruments are wanted. In the years from 1769 till 1771 Johann Georg Albrechtsberger (1736-1809) composed three double concerts for Jew's Harp and mandora (a lute-like string instrument) in D, F and E major.

The only still existing classical concerts for Jew's Harp at all!

The Jew's Harp virtuoso Albin Paulus (Austria) plays all in all 15 different tuned Jew's Harps from Germany and Hungary, four to six instruments simultaneously (held in both hands) in each concert.

The set includes a digital (dts) surround CD, too! Using an appropriate player you can listen to a spacial acoustic picture of the concerts.

Albin Paulus: Jew's Harp

Pietro Prosser: Mandora

Enrico Baiano: Cembalo & Organ

Piccolo Concerto Wien, Conductor: Roberto Sensi

Origin Austria
CD Genre Classical
Datenträgertyp Audio CD
Runtime 66:44:00
Year 2003

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Availability: In stock | Delivery time EU: 5-14 days, WORLD: 5-20 days

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Sound Samples


Track List:
I. Concerto in F a 5
Mandora, Cremblum, Violino primo, Violino seconddo e Basso
01. Allegro moderato
02. Andante
03. Menuet - Trio
04. Finale. Allegro molto
II. Concertino in Eb a Cinque Stromenti
Trombula, Cimbalo, Violino, Viola e Basso
05. Moderato
06. Menute - Trio
07. Menute - Trio
08. Finale. Vivace
III. Concerto in E a 6
Mandora, Crembalum, Violino primo, Violino secondo, Viola e Basso
09. Tempo moderato
10. Adagio
11. Finale. Tempo di Menute
IV. Concertino in D a 5
Mandora, Trombula, Violino primo, Violino scundo e Basso
12. A tempo
13. Andante
14. Menuet - Trio
15. Finale. Allegro

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