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Baoding Ball Set

Pair of Meditation Balls

The Baoding balls are also known as "Chinese health balls", "Chinese meditation balls" or "exercise balls". Baoding, a city in the North of China, is famous for producing the small, sounding balls here called Jiànshen qiú (健身 球). Translated, this means "balls for physical health" and its use has been documented since the 14th century during the Chinese Ming Dynasty. In the past, people used nuts and fruits to train their skills. Later the balls were also given a spiritual effect. Now they are made of stone or metal and the spiritual faith keeps itself: if you let both sound balls rotate in the hand, the female yin and the male yang are supposed to be harmonized according to Daoist doctrine. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) they stimulate numerous acupressure points of the hand through the rotating movements. In addition, it is believed that exercises with the Baoding balls promote the fine motor skills of the fingers and thus promises relief even in osteoarthritis of the hand and finger joints.

For sound lovers, however, not only the haptic use is of interest, but of course the musical, too. Our Baoding balls consist of a hollow, chromed steel ball, in which a spring and a small freely movable steel marble are enclosed. The rotation creates soft, meditative tones, whose intensity can be increased with vigorous movements and shaking. Thus, the sound balls are best suited as sound effects instruments and shakers.

The Baoding ball pair is available in two sizes: Ø 40 mm and Ø 50 mm.

Origin Country China
Material Steel

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Baoding Balls 40 mm
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Baoding Balls 50 mm
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