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Birdcall Nightingale & Lark

Sound Effects Instrument

"It was the nightingale, not the lark..." With these words Juliet calms her beloved Romeo in Shakespeare's drama, because the nightingale sings her songs at night, leaving the lovers some time until the morning dawn. The singing is only performed by the males and is used for courtship. Many people find the complex, multi-faceted chirping harmonious and pleasant. So it is not surprising that the nightingale has found its way into poetry, literature and music not only with Shakespeare, but at the latest since antiquity. Similarly diverse and melodious is the song of the lark, which is performed by the males during their so-called song flight. In 2019, the skylark was named bird of the year by the german nature conservation organisation NABU.

You can imitate both birds with this inexpensive and simple effect instrument. All you have to do is turn the metal eyelet and you will hear an authentic nightingale or larch twitter.
Very easy to play, great sound!

Origin France
Material Birch Wood, Lead
Length approx. 7.5 cm (3.0")

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