Save Chang Qobyz - Yulduz
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Chang Qobyz - Yulduz

Rare Jaw Harp from Uzbekistan

Among the oldest instruments in the world are the jaw harps of the Turkic peoples, who are living in Uzbekistan, too. Scientists believe that mouth harps have been used in shamanic healing rituals by countless generations. Rhythm and sound of the instrument is said to activate the recovery of the ill.

This medium-sized jew's harp has an elegant, well-balanced brass frame with a separately milled playing zone and decorative archaic engravings. The hard tongue is not only sharpened, giving it a very loud and powerful-dynamic sound with rich overtones. A very special feature is the longitudinal slot in the tongue! A wonderful detail.

This beautiful mouth harp comes in a leather sheath with branded 'wheel of fortune' symbol.

Tuning Free Tuning
Jew's Harp Type Teeth Jew's Harp
Origin Country Uzbekistan
Material Brass
Length approx. 11.0 cm (4.3")
Width approx. 3.6 cm (1.4")

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