Save Dan Moi - C-major Set
Item No.: MD-SCD

Dan Moi - C-major Set

Set of tuned Lips Jew's Harps from Vietnam

The Dan Moi C-major Set consists of 8 Dan Moi Jew's Harps tuned from C2 to C3. The set comes in a coloured or natural fabric bag.

2x Bass Dan Moi (C2, D2)
3x Standard Dan Moi (E2, F2, G2) and
3x Mini Dan Moi (A2, B2, C3)

How to un/pack a Dan Moi Jew's Harp

What to do if it clatters...

Tuning C major
Jew's Harp Type Lips Jew's Harp
Origin Country Vietnam
Material Brass

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