Save Dan Moi - Chromatic Set
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Dan Moi - Chromatic Set

Set of tuned Lips Jew's Harps from Vietnam

The chromatic Dan Moi set consists of 13 Dan Moi Jew's Harps tuned from C2 to C3. The set comes in a coloured or natural fabric bag.

3x Bass Dan Moi (C2, C#2, D2)
5x Standard Dan Moi (D#2, E2, F2, F#2, G2) and
5x Mini Dan Moi (G#2, A2, A#2, B2, C3)

How to un/pack a Dan Moi Jew's Harp

What to do if it clatters...

Tuning C chromatic (C2-C3)
Jew's Harp Type Lips Jew's Harp
Origin Country Vietnam
Material Brass

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