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Doira - Frame Drum

Uzbek Drum with Jingles

The names Doira or Dayera, as frame drums are called in Uzbekistan, derive from the Arabic word "daira" for "circle". The circular drum - just like the related Daf - is spread from Central Asia and Persia over the Balkans to North Africa and was traditionally played by women in the private sphere. At festivals, especially weddings, these female percussionists accompanied the songs and dances with the Daira. Even jaw harps were part of the women's ensembles in Central Asian cultures.

The wooden frame of our little Dayera is covered with goatskin on the outside, while metal rings are attached inside. This allows for rousing rhythms and dynamic accents as well as rustling effects when playing creatively with hands and fingers or by throwing and catching the drum.

Origin Country Uzbekistan
Material Goat skin, Steel, Wood
Diameter approx. 23 cm (9.06")

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