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Duduk - Tenor A

in the versatile standard key of A

Most scores for the Duduk are written for this Tenor A tuning. This pitch is the most common and - last but not least due to its well balanced size - suits both beginners and experienced stage musicians as well.

The double-reed mouthpiece "Ghamish" is a piece of art in itself. It is produced by a different master instrument maker. Compared to other double-reed instruments the Ghamish reed of the Duduk is longer and broader. Due to this structural characteristic the "Armenian Flute" gets its smooth sound. Notice: The "F" branding on the Ghamish is just the signature of the maker, but not the indicator of the key/tuning.

The Duduk comes with one Ghamish reed and a small cleaning cloth.

(Single Duduks without Ghamish can be inquired by email.)

Origin Armenia
Material Apricot Wood
Length approx. 35.5 cm (14.0")

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Duduk - Tenor A with Ghamish
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Just a few more words about the Ghamish (Reed)

Don't keep the Ghamish at the Duduk for storage. Put the Ghamish with its tapered end into the top part of your Duduk for playing. Use the "clamp" to fine-tune with your relieving pressure. To get the full scope of sound both the Duduk and the Ghamish need some time to be played warm and wet.

In order to open and warm the Ghamish before playing, we recommend to take it with a loosened ring between the lips (slightly lower than the playing position) and wet it lightly. The Ghamish will open slowly by itself. This can be heard with a slight crack, but is not a problem. To further warm the Ghamish for the game on the Duduk, simply turn it over, take the wrapped side into your mouth and breathe calmly for a few minutes. Through this process the Ghamish is slowly and evenly supplied with heat and moisture and is then ready to play.

During production, the Ghamish is carefully shaped over a period of two weeks without cracking.

We do not recommend to immerse the Ghamish in water to open it. Dipping the Ghamish into water causes moisture to penetrate the material too quickly, accelerating the opening process and causing permanent damage and cracking, making the Ghamish unplayable.

A practical idea: For a secure transport and storage get a cheap hard case for eyeglasses, drill some holes for a better air circulation and put your Ghamish there.

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