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Zarina Kopyrina & Ilya Zhirkov - Genius Loci

We proudly present another awesome unconventionally creative Siberian folklore album produced by Borealia, France.

Genius Loci is a product of the wonderful cultural encounter between the dreamlike nature of the French Jura and two young Siberian artists trying to reinterpret musical traditions of their homeland. 

The magic vibrations of Ilya's Jew's Harp and Zarina's clear voice bring Jura's breath-taking nature to life, and invoke the Spirit-Master of the land. The contemplation of the landscape produces a special feeling that recalls the memories of our ancestors.
Each music selection captures the atmosphere of the place in which it was recorded: You hear the crackling of the fire in Zarina's voice or a bird's tweet in the sound of the Jew's Harp. Cows, silently listening to the Jew's Harp, join in with Zarina's singing. A fish reveals its presence as it splashes in the water. Water drops, slowly falling from stalactites, create the rhythm of an excerpt, as they break against the rocks in a cave. The echo draws the melody from the musicians.

In Jura, legends are still told about a mysterious creature - female dragon - who watches over a treasure. Local people often take this dragen for Malusine, an elf who hides from human eyes as she flies from one fountain to another to satisfy her thirst. In Jura this enigmatic creature embodies the spirit of water. In the animistic traditions in Yakutia, people continue to believe that each element of the nature possesses its own soul and that ancient spirits haunt trees, rivers, and animals… Siberians believe that spirits of nature enjoy listening to stories, and adore music.

Please enjoy this album using high-quality stereo system or headphones to feel deeply the delicacy of the melodies.   

The CD comes in a lovingly edited digipack along with a informative 24-pages booklet in English, French and Russian

Origin France
CD Genre Folklore
Datenträgertyp Audio CD
Runtime 60:35
Year 2012

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Availability: In stock | Delivery time EU: 5-14 days, WORLD: 10-30 days

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Track List:
01. Nature Wakes
02. Hyttya-Hyttya
03. The White Horse
04. The Magic Source
05. The Homecoming
06. Tshabyrgakh
07. Khomus (duo)
08. The Dispute
09. Ohuokhay
10. To my Mother
11. Echo
12. Olonkho
13. Olonkho, Abaahy's Song
14. The Cockoo
15. The Beautiful Alaas
16. Galop
17. A Dream
18. Hyttya-Hyttya
19. Bokkwoya
20. In the Summer Pasture
21. At the Fire
22. Love Song
23. Love Song
24. Improvisation