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Like a sound shower: Bernhard Mikuskovics about the Fujara - Like a sound shower: Bernhard Mikuskovics about the Fujara

The musician, composer and music teacher Bernhard Mikuskovics spoke to Helen from DAN MOI about his very personal story with the Slovakian flute Fujara. "I appreciate the visual beauty of the Fujara; I appreciate its unique sound." Bernhard Mikuskovics plays those sensitive instruments practically everywhere. The sound of the instrument comes either in nature or in a church particularly well into effect. The interview aims at inspiring the listener to try out the Fujara, even at uncommon places – to get out of the own four walls.

“Playing the Fujara is like Archery”: Interview with the Fujara player Marco Trochelmann -

In real life, Marco Trochelmann is a high school teacher for music and German. He discovered the Slovakian bass flute Fujara during his university studies. The instrument put a spell on him, he could not take it out of his hands. Until today, he has been producing several Fujara CDs and compositions for the instrument. In an interview with Helen from DAN MOI he talks about his experiences as a cross-boarder musician in Slovakia and describes the sound parameters of the Fujara.

Mouth Harp Graffiti: An interview with Kian Wind - Mouth Harp Graffiti: An interview with Kian Wind

Helen from DAN MOI was talking to the German Mouth Harper Kian Wind from Leipzig. Kian got deeply involved with the instrument. Today he is performing his own music on jaw harp and loop machine. We were talking about his newly released album "Miluju Tě" and about his participation at the Marranzano World Festival in Catania. The interview was recorded in German language.

Jaw Harp Festivals – Calendar 2019 - Jaw Harp Festivals and Events worldwide

In this calendar you find an overview of central mouth harp festivals and events all over the world. We point out events like the Marranzano World Fest in Italy, futhermore festivals in Norway, Russia, USA, Austria and Hungary. A fixed get-together of the world´s harp scene is the Parmupillifestival in Estland and the Ancient Trance Festival in Germany.

Queen of the flutes: the bass flute Fujara - The bass flute Fujara from Slovakia as the queen of the world´s flutes.

In 1995 during the opening celebrations of the cultural centre of the Slovakian town of Detva, the president of the parliament of Slovakia and the later president Ivan Gašparovič, gave a memorable present at the reception. Gašparovič played on the bass flute Fujara that has the height of a man. What more is the Fujara than a symbol of national sovereignty of Slovakia?

The acoustics of the jaw harp: Robert Vandré and the fascination of jaw harp physics - The acoustics of the jaw harp: Robert Vandré and the fascination of jaw harp physics

There are only a few studies about acoustic parameters of the jaw harp. Robert Vandré is publishing a website that is one of the few sources that comprehensively analyse the sound properties of the jaw harp based on substantiated figures. That is why it is a treasure for instrument researchers and acousticians, but at the same time for all that are seeking a better understanding about the functionality of the instrument. Helen Hahmann from DAN MOI met Robert Vandré in 2017 at the Ancient Trance Festival in Taucha.