Save Juniper Jew's Harp Blocks
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Juniper Jew's Harp Blocks

Protective Wooden Block made of Fragrant Juniper Wood

Although we always give away a simple wooden block (for safe transportation and keeping) with all fitting teeth Jew's Harps that does not come with an own block or case, these wooden blocks here are special!
Their shape is simple, but the end-grain cut gorgeous fragrant juniper wood makes them elegant auxiliaries.

These blocks are available in 3 sizes and therefore suitable for a large part of Teeth Jew's Harps. The Jaw Harp itself can be fixed at the string. The holes for the "shanks" are quite small drilled to make even smaller "toes" fit perfectly. If your Jew's Harp has got a larger "toe" you can just drill the hole a bit larger.

The block do suit the following reed lengths (measured from hip to knee - from the reed's fixing point to its kink).
S: 6 cm (2.4")
M: 7 cm (2.8")
L: 9 cm (3.5")

Origin Estonia
Material Wood

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Juniper Jew's Harp Blocks - Large
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Juniper Jew's Harp Blocks - Medium
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Juniper Jew's Harp Blocks - Small
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