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Handles & Connectors

If you want to play not only a single Jew's Harp, but many at the same time, we recommend you to use a connector for joining many trumps together. The other type of handle is used to make a normal teeth Jew's Harp possible to be played against your lips instead of your teeth. This does not only protects your teeth. It also relaxes the holding hand to make you able to play for hours.

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  • Kou Xian Handle

    Kou Xian Handle

    for up to 7 Kou Xian Jew's Harp Lamellas

    7.60 € ¹
    Incl. 19% VAT, Excl. shipping

    Out of stock

  • Universeller Maultrommelgriff

    Jew's Harp Handle

    to protect your teeth and play at your lips

    starting at 10.90 € ¹

    Out of stock

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