Save Hemp Patica Thelevi, Asalato
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Hemp Patica Thelevi, Asalato

High-grade Twin Ball Rattle from Japan

We are very proud to present these eco high tech Twin Ball Rattle from Kengoma, Japan.

• the best Thelevi available
• innovative material
• great sound
• splendid playability
• super-sturdy
• versatile

Attention: the order quantity is one piece (two balls connected with one string). For playing with both hands you need to order 2 pieces!

First Steps

How to repair a Hemp Patica


Origin Japan
Material Hemp Fibre Compound
Diameter approx. 5.0 cm (2.0")

Availability: In stock | Delivery time EU: 5-14 days, WORLD: 5-20 days

Availability: In stock | Delivery time EU: 5-14 days, WORLD: 5-20 days

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Sound Samples
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Material Quality & Sustainability
Like our amazing Bocarina nose flute the Kengoma Hemp Patica is musical instrument made of synthetics which seems to not really fit into our natural material instruments range on the first sight. But - here too - the concept of minimizing plastics, the product quality and the sheer sustainability of this thelevi convinced us to become enthusiastic of this gorgeous rhythm wonder. In our opinion these twin ball rattles are the best available. And we tried many!

Their body is made of a 50% hemp fibre compound. That means the plastics content has been reduced to half. And that without reducing the sturdiness, playability or - most important - sound!

The Hemp Patica are filled with small, edgy and light stones making it easy to play without too much muscle effort. If necessary the filling can be changed quite easy. This way you can adjust the sound, weight and bouncing characteristics.

Origin of the Twin Ball Rattle
The Thelevi, Patica, Asalato, Aslatua, Kosika or Kashaka originally comes from the West African region, where they are made of small dried gourds (see our high-quality Gourd Thelevi). On markets you can find them in many quality levels. But there's one problem with all gourd thelevi - it's their endurance. If you are really practicing a lot they break after a couple of weeks or months. The Kengoma Hemp Patica are literally "unbreakable".

The velvet-like surface of the hemp compound gives these televi a good grip to easily catch them. The length of the cord (approx. 12 cm / 4.7") can be adjusted. If you require a certain material for the string you can change it, too. The "elastic collision" characteristics are great, the balls bounce with the right dynamic that is necessary for a versatile play. The diameter of 5 cm (2") suits most hand sizes.

The sound is pretty good and well balanced between shaking an clacking. But in our opinion that of the traditional Gourd Thelevi is even better. But that's of course a matter of taste.

The Hemp Patica are wonderful rhythm instruments. You can combine shaking and clacking sounds and play with both hands to produce complex polyrhythms which is an efficient brain jogging, too.

Another advantage is their size. They are small enough to carry around almost always and everywhere - like a Jew's Harp.

Playing Instructions
The first steps are done quick. For simple rhythm it doesn't need too much practice. But if you invest some time to really learn to play them, you'll be able to do amazing things.

Just google around a little bit. There are several free instructions online in several languages. And there are many instruction videos on YouTube!
  • Nice AsalatoI like the Kengoma Asalato. They are not to heavy and it doesnt matter when they get a bit wet. The clack Sound is quite loud, but the shake with the original filling not so much. The Overall Sound is nice. But they are not as sturdy as good Quality original ones from west africa made of west african Oncoba spinosa gourds.
  • good but lightVery good thelevi, but sadly it will break very fast... too expensive and not-so-sturdy in my opinion.

    #### Comment by DAN MOI ####

    Well, we at DAN MOI play them a lot and it never happened that any of those cracked. And it is the first time a customer reports something like that. But of course they are not indestructible. Because the compound has to have a certain hardness in order to make it sound properly, the hard and stiff material can crack when it falls on a hard floor. And perhaps there are playing techniques involving other hard surfaces that can be dangerous to the Hemp Patica. However compared to the natural African gourd instruments the Hemp Patica can be called sturdy. And there's another advantage: in case the Hemp Patica breaks, it is possible to repair it. Here is a video clip:

    Breaking could also mean that there was something wrong in the material of this single item. Dear "zoeofthestars", please contact us and we will replace the broken Hemp Patica for you. There is a warranty and we take responibility for damages that shouldn't occur when just using the instrument in the intended manner.

    And how about the obviously expensive price? Well, this instrument is manufactured in Japan, where there's a very different price level compared to the places where let's say the African Patica/Thelevi are produced. Considering this, in our opinion the price appears rather reasonable compared to the African gourd models.

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