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Kohkin - Yamazaki Yamabuki

High-End Jew's Harp from Japan

This gorgeous Kohkin (Jap: mouth harp) made by young mouth harp maker Takashi Yamazaki does not only look amazingly, but it does sound so, too. The typically excellent quality of the reed's spring steel gives this jew's harp a precise playability that is even rare among the high-grade Yakutian Khomuses. The two colors of both the steel frame and the brass bridge give this instrument a peculiar precious look.

The sound of this precious piece is just perfect and the effects possibilities and harmonics are enormous.

A rare feature of this Jawharp is the center bar (bridge) on its "eye" on which the master left lovingly his initial character "yama" (mountain) engraved. This bar has also the function to reinforce the tension of the frame to make this Jew's Harp to sound even better. This instruments name "Yamabuki" is a wonderful multi-layered term that could not fit better. It means, among other things, minerals of molten metal , Kerria japonica (plant), color of fabric that is yellow on one side and organge on the other . But the meaning could be interpreted even deeper: Yama as a signature of the blacksmith and buki in the sense of blowing (the same character is used at wind instruments) could be called the wind instrument of Yamazaki.

Jew's Harp Type Teeth Jew's Harp
Origin Country Japan
Material Brass, Steel
Length approx. 8.5 cm (3.4")

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