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Looping - Gitarren, nein danke!

Looping shows the Jew's Harp tongue!

The album "Gitarren, nein danke!" by LOOPING present the aged instrument in a entirely new robe. The base of this album is formed by 25 Jew's Harps from Molln (Austria), one Hungarian, one German and two Indonesian Jew's Harps, latter made of bamboo. In these 12 tracks they appear as accompaniment also as solo instruments sometimes soft and clean sometimes hard and heavy distorted so it seems that somebody is rolling with a rock guitar over the floor. But like the title suggest there is no guitar on this album.

We make it short: The Jew's Harp Punk is born.

Beside the tongue instruments there are primarily to hear steel drums, marimba, accordion, flutes, locomotive-whistles, synthesized sounds and much percussion. The album includes ascendancies from punk, rock, folk, world music and jazz and there is probably a whiff of »experimental« instrumentation. It wasn`t the intention to serve a special genre more than to create a new sound. The lyrics and music are developed partially spontaneous and partially written. The lyrics are reaching from happy (a whiff of music cabaret) over bizarre through melancholic and grouchy. LOOPING is a one-man-project by and with Ing. LOOP (that`s why it isn't bookable as live-act).

Already in the nursery age Ing. LOOP struck through unsolicited recorder concerts in tobacconists, grocery shops and other unpassable locations. When he was in the elementary school he had to play accordion which he stood in the nook when he was a youngster. He also gets infected with the Jew's Harp virus when he was a child - in form of a "World Thrift Day" gift from »Z« (today Bank Austria). In 1984 he descry the percussions for himself and graduated in 1990 a six-year apprenticeship by the ambitious amateur-band »Krotoschinsky«.

After a creative break he started in the mid 90`s to compose with a computer and operate again in diverse bands as a drummer, since 2002 as a steel drummer. Beginning 2005 he decided to concentrate on the 3 years ago founded project LOOPING. Here is the result.

Origin Austria
CD Genre Experimental
Datenträgertyp Audio CD
Runtime 60:14:00
Year 2007

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Track List:
01. Träum weiter, Lydia
02. Gitarren, neun danke!
03. Schweinsohrwaschln
04. Was machst du mit mir?
05. Eh positiv
06. Kennedybrücke (Teil I + II)
07. Kleines Kammerlkonzert
08. Ins Herz
09. Raunzer
10. Frische Socken (Teil I + II)
11. Den Himmel
12. Sei nicht traurig heut' Nacht

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