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Save Hands on Drums Kalimbula

Hands on Drums Kalimbula

Sometimes from a bold idea, quality ingredients, passion, endurance, craftsmanship and a fruitful collaboration something really special emerges...

The Kalimbula is completely handmade by Hands on Drums in Germany. DAN MOI accompanied and supported the development and was closely involved in this process. The high-quality sound tines are produced by Hokema the leading quality kalimba company.

The origin of the Kalimbula is in the African mbira, which, depending on the region, is also known as sansa, kalimba, likembe, nsansi, kadongo, luliimba and slightly varies regionally by construction. On one hand there are sound boxes made of natural wood on the other hand there are the tines are resonated by hollow bodies made of gourds or tortoise shells.

The peculiarity of the Kalimbula however, lies in the unique composition of a birch wood playing surface, the sound box made of fine ceramic, the quality tines and various modulation possibilities. Another refinement is the possibility, to amplify the instrument with the built-in piezo or acoustic microphones (both optional). This is likely to be of great interest not only for the stage performers, but also for a sound recording in the studio. Along with a room microphone, there are therefore 3 possibilities to amplify or record the Kalimbula which enormously expands the tonal framework in this field.

Her long-sustaining sound can be intuitively changed with your hands by lateral modulation holes. Another hole at the bottom does not only give the instrument a safe stand but also opens many ways to modify the lower tonal range. Currently the Kalimbula is available in a sextatonical tuning called "Shona" (B5-C#5-C#4-A4-A3-F#4-E4-E5- G#4) that can be played intuitively.

The optional ring stand made of a twisted polyhemp rope enables, due to its open structure, the sounds to pass right through, amplifies the warmth of the sound and extends the resonance space without limiting the modulation capabilities of the side holes.

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