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The instrument maker Peter Hokema has been making Kalimbas successfully in Lower Saxony, Germany since 1985. The Kalimbas and Sansulas by Hokema are an innovative enhancement of African instruments. Hokema’s instruments are constructed with high quality and tuned neatly: the corpus consists of solid black cherry wood and has been polished with vegetable oil. Hokema Kalimbas and Sansulas set new standards for the quality of sound.

The instruments from the workshop of Hokema are made with pentatonic tuning. The keys all match each other so that people without previous knowledge can play without hitting any “wrong keys”. For travelers we suggest the pocket-kalimbas which are of a very robust design. The corpus of the classical Kalimba, also offered by DAN MOI, has sound holes on the front and on the back side. The two little holes on the back side can be covered or opened by the fingers while playing. In doing so, you can create a vibrato – the “wah-wah-effect”. In our demo videos you can watch how these Kalimbas are played and how they sound. For its great sound the high quality corpus made of solid black cherry wood can also be used to knock a rhythm on the wood with one or more of the free fingers while playing the Kalimba.

As an enhancement of the Kalimba Peter Hokema developed the Sansula in 2001. A small frame drum – a drumhead stretched over a round, wooden frame – serves as resonator for the Sansula. The sound of the Sansulas is more voluminous than the sound of the classical Kalimbas. Moreover Sansulas allow various sound extensions, such as a slight bending, the drawing of the sound when putting the Sansula on your lap or on a table and lifting it on one side and letting it down again. The Sansula is exactly the right thing for somebody who is looking for something special.

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