Save Mondharp Hoboken 5 - Mark I
Item No.: MMH-20

Mondharp Hoboken 5 - Mark I

Tuned 5-tongue Jew's Harp from the Netherlands

A world novelty - a massive, tuned 5-tongue Jew's Harp handmade of brass and steel!

This innovative new development by Coen van Hoboken from the Netherlands is played at the lips.
Because of its close-fitted tongues a quick shift from one to another note is easily done.

The reeds of this Jew's Harp are pentatonically tuned to D minor (tones: C2-D2-F2-G2-A2). You can change the pitch of each tongue up to one note up or down.
In the standard tuning even the overtones/harmonics are fitting well to each other which makes the overall sound of this jawharp richer and more harmonic.

We've got three pieces out of five of this first edition of the "Hoboken 5". These instruments are the fruit of elaborate handicraft!

Tuning D minor pentatonic
Jew's Harp Type Lips Jew's Harp
Origin Netherlands
Material Brass, Steel
Length approx. 18.0 cm (7.1")
Dimensions 18 x 7 x 3 cm

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