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Moseño A3 - No. 3

High-Quality Bolivian-Style Bamboo Flute

Our Moseño flutes are handmade in Portugal using bamboo grown and processed in Europe. Our master instrument maker learned the art of Andean flute making in Bolivia. His great love of our manufacturer for this flute is reflected in the absolutely high-quality workmanship and the clean tuning, down to the smallest detail. This Moseño is tuned diatonically and ranges slightly over two octaves. Like the South American originals, each instrument is unique in form and colour. Their light, meditative sound seems to carry the weight of life and relaxes the soul. If you want to know more about the Moseño flute, check out our blog article.

The Moseño A3 - No. 3 is made of polished, natural bamboo. It comes with a simple fabric bag as shown on the image.

Tuning A major diatonic
Origin Portugal
Material Bamboo
Length approx. 78 cm (30.7")
Diameter approx. 4.5 cm (1.8")

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