Save Mouth Bow - Gongo - Frets
Item No.: MB-10

Mouth Bow - Gongo - Frets

with frets, handmade in France

The multiharmonics Mouthbow Gongo is a complete novelty in the world of mouth-resonating overtone musical instruments.

The Gongo - handcrafted in France - could be described as a blend of Mouthbow, Jew's Harp and Guitar. It is equipped with a rattan string.

When playing the instrument, the mouth will resonate a series of overtones/harmonics. Similar to a guitar you can tap the string along the frets to change the keynote which in turn gives rise to new series of harmonics.

The package includes a mallet, a spare string and a bag.

Origin France
Length approx. 80 cm (31.5")

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