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Ceramic Percussion

Sound jugs and vases can easily be adapted to create fascinating musical instruments. This has been proven by the Udu drums from Nigeria. The Udu drums have become so popular outside Nigeria that they have been adapted by musical instrument makers all over the world. DAN MOI's ceramic percussion instruments are further developments of the classical Udu. The new instruments are called Cajudoo, Jarimba and Zarbang Udoo and combine the features of the Nigerian Udu drums with the characteristics of instruments with a drumskin or wooden membrane.

The Cajudoo combines the ceramic body with a membrane of birch plywood. The membrane can be of different sizes; the larger the diameter of the membrane, the deeper and more bass is the sound of the Cajudoo. By combining a variety of playing techniques, different sounds can be achieved, which are reminiscent of a Darbuka, a talking drum. These instruments are especially suitable for acoustic playing. The "Cajudoo pro" is larger and includes a microphone holder. This means that these instruments are easier to play together with electrically amplified instruments. The Cajudoo pro extra is painted black and has a membrane made from Indian tineo wood. This gives it a slightly better sound than the white Cajudoo pro.

The "singing jug", the Jarimba, is made entirely of ceramic material. A wide variety of sounds can be obtained from this high-quality Udu. A version with a microphone holder is available. In addition, we also have a small version of the Jarimba on offer, the traveller Jarimba. It sounds quieter than the larger Jarimba, but is fitted with a microphone holder, so that it can easily be, for example, incorporated into a drum kit. All instruments are made by the company "Hands on Drums", including the Zarbang Udoo, an Udoo with a goatskin membrane. A small variant among these new creations is the "drop drum" hand drum. This drum vessel measures only 20 cm in length but produces crystal clear sounds and enables a wide range of sounds to be created.

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