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Drums, in their almost infinite variety, are extremely popular percussion instruments. For DAN MOI, we have put together a range from "familiar and trusted" to "brand new" drums: we supply "classical" instruments such as tambourines, shaman drums, Djembés, talking drums and Cajóns. We would like to open up a new acoustic experience for you with outstanding items such as the wooden Darbuka, the "traveller Cajón", the "drop drum" hand drum and the "flat shaker pad".

If you are looking for an instrument that gives you freedom to experiment, whose sound spectrums are still to be discovered, then you might be interested in the "flat shaker pad": it has a powerful rattling sound when you shake it to and fro; if you move it slowly and loosely, its sound is reminiscent of a "rain maker"; if you strike the surfaces, then the pad becomes a drum; you can modulate the tones still further if you combine snare, rattle and bass effects. For anyone who prefers the classical combination of rattle and drum, we recommend our ocean drum covered with goatskin or the most popular wooden drum with snare effect at the moment, the Cajón.

There is another group of instruments in the "drums" category which has appeared in numerous versions over the last few years: the ceramic drums. New musical instruments such as the Cajudoo, Jarimba and Zarbang Udoo are based on the Udu drums from Nigeria. At DAN MOI, the ceramic drums are further developments of the classical Udu. A handy variant of this jug drum is the drop drum. It measures just 20 cm in length but can create amazing sounds. You will find a whole range of other vessel drums in the category "ceramic percussion".

Somewhat easier to play are our Japanese drums, the thunder drum and the wooden snare drum. They are great fun for kids but are also often used as effect instruments for music. More complex, on the other hand, is the "talking drum". It is played in the countries of West Africa, such as Ghana and Gambia. There, they know how to use the instruments to encode speech and send messages via drumbeat. The special feature of the talking drum is that the pitch of the drumskin can be varied while playing. The Djembé also originates from the West of Africa and is now one of the most well-known and popular of all African drums. At DAN MOI you will find Djembés constructed from mahogany and goatskin.

Last but not least, it is worth taking a look at our shaman drums. At DAN MOI there are robustly built shaman drums which are made in Germany and we stock instruments which we obtain directly from the hands of a Siberian instrument maker. These artistically crafted instruments follow shamanic principles.

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