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The djembe is probably one of the best known drums from West Africa. Djembes can easily be combined with other percussion instruments; they can be played in ensembles and therefore can be met in most different music genres and formations. They are particularly known as powerful and remarkable rhythm instruments. Their sound is vibrant; and they can accentuate most different nuances through diverse beating techniques.

Djembes are not just for advanced percussion fans, they are also very often used for beginners in Europe. Whereas in West African countries the djembe players undergo their training for years until they know the instrument in all its facets and master the rhythm repertoire expertly. Only then they become real djembe players, the so called djembefola. DAN MOI offers djembes in different sizes. They can comfortably be played while sitting, or actively be played when standing, or the drum is put on the ground and one sits on it.

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  • Schön verzierte Mahagoni Djembe mit Ziegenfell - 4

    Djembé - Mahogany

    Beautifully Carved Goatskin Djembe

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