Save Phons Bakx - The Thought's Dispeller: 1000 Names
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Phons Bakx - The Thought's Dispeller: 1000 Names

A booklet with an impressive collection of names for the Jew's Harp in various cultures. The names are sorted by continents and countries, most of them includes comments about meaning and age.

The 0 Names of the Jew's Harp - The name Jew's Harp ist just one of them... Is there another musical instrument on earth that bears the number of names as the Jew's harp? Probably not.
In the meantime of studying the Jew's harp in literature, a list of synonyms for the Jew's harp grew under the hands of the author. All of them were originated in different layers of culture anywhere in the world: poetical metaphors, insect synonyms, mockery names, animistic names, associations with erotic powers, onomatopoetic names, etc. Certainly this list is not complete. When possible the synonyms are provided with short explanations. Collected for Jew's harp lovers in this Cahier-series, Number 7. With a preface by the author.

Origin Netherlands

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Language: English
Pages: 20
Format: A5
Published: 1998

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