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Play the Jew's Harp like a Virtuoso - Playing Manual by Robert Vandré On this page you find all sound samples from the Mouth Harp playing manual Play the Jew's Harp Like a Virtuoso by Robert Vandré.

You can download all audio files as MP3s in a zip archive here (approx. 25 MB).

Chapter Page RecordingsRecordingsRecordings
Play the Jew's Harp 2
A World of Jew's Harps - Jew's Harps of the World 3
Europe and America 3 Murchunga (Nepal)
Munnharpe (Norway)
4 Jew's Harp (USA)
Maultrommel (Österreich)
Asia and Oceania 5 Khomus (Bashkortostan)
Susap (Papua New Guinea)
6 Flat Khomus (Tuwa)
Mukkuri (Japan)
Guimbarde (France)
7 Dan Moi (Vietnam)
Kou Xian (China)
1 Let's go! - The Beginning 8
The Bow-Shaped Jew's Harp 8
The Lamellate Jew's Harp 8
Bow-Shaped and Lamellate Jew's Harps 9
2 Basic Dexterity 10
How to Hold the Jew's Harp 10
How to Pluck 11 Plucking
Bonus: Plucked Melody
3 "Mouth Drum" (German: Maultrommel): Playing Rhythms 12
Finger Movements 12 Plucking Finger Movements
Articulation: Speaking the Rhythm 12 Articulation
Bonus: Articulation
Musical Notation for the Jew's Harp 13 Det Doodle
Breathing the Rhythm 14 Breathing
Bonus: Breathing Melody
4 The Jew's Harp as a Harp 15
Playing Melodies 15

The Cock is Dead
Bonus: Melody
The Scale: The Natural Harmonic Row 17
Tone Generation: Idiophone or Aerophone? 19 Harmonica
5 Advanced Dexterity 20
Tremolo: Regular and Rapid Picks 20 Tremolo
Bonus: Tremolo Melody
Vibrato and Mordent 21 Vibrato
Bonus: Vibrato-Mordent Melody
6 For Advanced Jew's Harp Percussionists 22 Off-Beat
7 Melody and Low Accompanying Notes 23
The Cock is Dead 2
Low Accompanying Notes
Resonance Regions 25 E3G1 - G1E3
8 Sound Effects of the Resonance Chambers 26 Ungungung-Inginging
Bonus: Resonance Chambers
Resonance Cavities 27
9 Play Several Jew's Harps Simultaneously 28
How to Play Several Jew's Harps Unassisted 28 Happy Birthday
10 Playing Together 30
11 Practical Tips 31
Tuning the Jew's Harp 31
Care of the Jew's Harp 31
Dental Protection 32
How to Play without Contact to the Teeth 32 Bonus: Melody played with Handle
Choosing the Right Jew's Harp 33
12 Examples of Music 34
He's Got the Whole World in His Hands 34 He's Got the Whole World
La Septime Estampie Reale 35 La Septime Estampie
Boogie 38 Boogie

Es klingen die Lieder

39 Es klingen die Lieder