Save Chris Schuermans - Play the Ocarina
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Chris Schuermans - Play the Ocarina

Playing Instructions, Songbook, CD and Ocarina

This set consists of a simple 5-hole ocarina, a book with playing instructions and many many songs and a play along MP3-CD.

The ocarina is made of high-quality ABS plastic. The colors are randomly sold. Black, blue, vintage pink and terracotta have been seen. If you wish a certain one let us know at the end of your order in the comments field. But there are not always all colors available.

The book (A5 format) has 52 pages. In the first part there are some general information on ocarinas, the notation system and playing instructions. The major part of the book is a song book with many songs (see content list). The easy fingering notation make a smooth start easy even if you cannot read sheet music.

The MP3-CD contains all songs of the ocarina songbook in three versions: complete, play along and solo play.

This package produced completely by Chris Schuermans in South Africa is a great and reasonable gift for the first steps with the ocarina. By the way, Chris Schuermans is also the inventor and producer of the amazing Bocarina nose whistles at DAN MOI.

Origin South Africa

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The basics of Music Notation
Playing instructions
Fingering Pattern
Care and Cleaning
Twinkle, twinkle little star
Happy Birthday
Little Bird
Mary had a little lamb
Fröre Jaques
Au claire de la lune
Amazing Grace
When the Saints
Scarborough Fair
Morning has broken
Red River Valley
Camptown Races
Oh Susanna
Yankee Doodle
Nine hundred miles
Days of 49
John Brown's body
Country Gardens
Floral Dance
Santa Lucia
Donna, Donna
What shall we do with the drunken
Auld Lang Syne
For he's a jolly good fellow
We wish you a merry Christmas
Deck he halls Jingle Bells
O Come All Ye Faithful
Sarie Marais
South African Anthem
Muss I'denn
Ode to Joy
Lullaby (Brahms)
Andante Grazioso
Eine kleine Nachtmusik
Minuet in G
Magic Flute
  • Blerry BrilliantMy Ocarina has been sadly collecting dust in a forgotten drawer since I bought it from Chris at the Grahamstown arts festival some years back.

    I finally dusted it off during this lockdown period and it has been an absolute joy to play. The book is filled with simple and progressive songs which are keeping me pretty busy.

    I would recommend this to anyone with kids and it will appeal to your inner child too, as it did with me.

    I just wish I bought the goose as well...

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