Save Xaphoon - Classic - Plastic - C
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Xaphoon - Classic - Plastic - C

Saxophone Flute

The Xaphoon Classic is made in Indiana (USA) from the same synthetic material which is usually used for oboe and clarinet mouth pieces. This material provides an amazing sound propagation.

Another great advantage of the Xaphoon Classic is its robustness and insensitivity to wheather and physical strain. The strong synthetic material makes the Xaphoon Classic a perfect travelling instrument and a great beginner's instrument for children, too. The material can easily be cleaned by running water.

Due to its standardized design and the therefore perfect tuning the Xaphoon Classic is perfectly suited for to play together with other melodic instruments.

The Xaphoon Classic has the C4 as the lowest tune. The key is F and the chromatical range is over two octaves up to C6.
The Xaphoon is equipped with a standard tenor saxophone reed which overblows in the duodecimo.

The Xaphoon comes with a protection cap and a manual including a fingering chart.

Tuning C
Origin Country USA
Material Synthetics
Length approx. 31.0 cm (12.2")

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