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Robert Zagretdinov - Vargan

Robert Zagretdinov is one of the best Jew's Harp virtuosos of our time famous for the breadth of his repertory, styles and techniques.

Zagretdinov plays Kubyz (the Bashkiri Jew's Harp) on all 30 tracks. The majority of these are traditional tunes from his native Bashkiria and many other parts of the world. On some tracks he is harmonic singing, too.

Origin Russia
CD Genre Folklore
Datenträgertyp Audio CD
Runtime 59:01:00

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Availability: In stock | Delivery time EU: 5-14 days, WORLD: 5-20 days

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Track List:
01. The Universe
02. Morning
03. Skylark In The Steppe
04. The Voice Of Nature In The Urals
05. The March Of Salavat
06. Dancing With A Bucret
07. Vasilya
08. Pictures Of Rural Life
09. Ilem-Zilem
10. Dance Clap And Turn Around
11. Ringing Bells
12. What's Going On Out There?
13. Chika-Chika
14. The Violin Playing In The Village
15. The Estonian Polka
16. An Ancient French Song
17. Oh, Sure, I Dance, That Dance
18. Yango
19. Let's Dance
20. A Moldavian Dance
21. Giving The Lass In Marriage
22. Saratov Variations
23. Gopak
24. A Kalmyk Folk dance
25. A little Bird
26. Mari Dancing Melodies
27. A Mordovian Folk Song
28. Like Birds
29. The Regal Stallion
30. Imitation of train "Ufa-Moscow"

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