Save Siren Whistle
Item No.: ACSI-1

Siren Whistle

Alarm Whistle from England

The characteristic siren howling can be easily generated with this portable alarm whistle. Since the swelling and decreasing of the signal tone can be modulated in a wonderful way, the attention can be attracted quietly as well as loudly and assertively.

The siren sound of this small, robust whistle sustains for a surprisingly long time. Thus this whistle is not only suitable as a signal or emergency whistle, but also as a musical instrument with which you can create varied sound effects.

The whistles of ACME convince us by their first-class quality as well as the sustainable and durable materials.

Origin United Kingdom
Material Brass, Nickel, Synthetics
Length approx. 7.5 cm (3.0")
Diameter approx. 2.5 cm (1.0")

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