Save Summer Is Coming
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Summer Is Coming

Jakutische Maultrommel

The art of Jew's Harp playing and singing from Sakha-Yakutia (East Siberia, Russia)


· Fedora Gogolev - daughter of the legendary Jew's Harp smith Fiodr Gogolev

· Alina Degtyaryova

· Olga Podluzhnaya

Traditional Jew's Harp and singing tunes from Yakutia. Unbelievable sounds the three ladies are elicting from their Khomus (traditional Jew's Harp) and their throats.

They abduct the listener into the far wideness of the Siberian flatland... wild horse rides at the broad grassy plain land next to the shores of the Lena river, the oncoming spring after a long, icecold winter... nature is waking up for for some few months.

Recorded by Leo Tadagawa (Founder of the Japanese Jew's Harp Association) 1999 in Yakutia, Produced 2000 in Japan

Origin Japan
CD Genre Folklore
Datenträgertyp Audio CD
Runtime 57:17:00
Year 2000

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Availability: In stock | Delivery time EU: 5-14 days, WORLD: 10-30 days

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Track List:
01. The Withe Crane
02. Song of my Heart
03. The Coming of Summer (1)
04. Summer has Come
05. The Coming of Summer (2)
06. The Withe Night
07. Heeje
08. The Northern Motives
09. The Girls of the Hight Heaven
10. Kudai Bakhsy
11. At my fathers Alaas
12. A Beatyfully Dressed Withe Birch
13. Impovisation
14. Hee-jege-jege
15. The Traditional Motives
16. Our Land of the Uraangkhai
17. The Awakening of Nature
18. Spring in the Field
19. Tradition and Modernity
20. Cuckoo
21. Waltz
22. Degerei
23. The Ohuokai Motives (1)
24. The Ohuokai Motives (2)
25. The Horse God Jöhögöi's Child

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