Save Tak-Teke - Dancing Mountain Goat
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Tak-Teke - Dancing Mountain Goat

Tak-Teke is an old, traditional wooden dancing mountain goat puppet, which is put to life by the movement of the players fingers. This puppet is also known in Kazakhstan and other neighbor countries.

Svein Westad is the initiator and project leader of this album. With this CD he presents the result of his journey through the Kyrgyzistan. The very informative booklet describe the origin of several songs and contains a description of the different artists, too.

Origin Japan
CD Genre Folklore
Datenträgertyp Audio CD
Runtime 62:32:00
Year 2008

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Availability: In stock | Delivery time EU: 5-14 days, WORLD: 10-30 days

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Track List:
Süydüm Tölökova (temir komuz, vocal)
01. Kyrgyz Traditional Tune
02. Burulcha`s Swing
03. Flower
04. Dawn Coolness
05. I am in Love

Orozobay Kenchinbaev (temir komuz) & Namazbek Uraliev (komuz)
06. Youth Dream
07. The Ker Özön River
08. Sarinji and Bököy

Kalyiman Umetbaeva (komuz, temir komuz)
09. Dawn Coolness
10. In the Summer Pasture
11. Destiny of Mountains
12. White Throat, Blue Throat

Shaken Jorobekova (temir komuz, jigach ooz komuz, tak-teke, vocal)
13. Mountain Flowers
14. Early Morning in Bishkek
15. Cuckoo
16. Tunes of Ala-Too
17. Red Flower
18. The Star of Kyrgyz
19. Swing with Golden Struts
20. From Naryn I`m Writing a Letter
21. The Yenisei River
22. My Magnanimous Father Manas
23. Inner Thoughts
24. Dancing Mountain Goat

Süydüm Tölökova (temir komuz) & Saparbek Amankulov (komuz, tak-teke, vocal)
25. Dancing Mountain Goat

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