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Tapani Varis - Munniharppuuna

Presenting the first ever record of Finnish Jew's Harp music, highlighting the Jew's Harp not merely as an exotic accompaniment but as a lead, rather solo instrument.

The history of Jew's Harp music in Finland remains very much a mystery; recordings or notations of traditional Jew's Harp music don't even exist!

Featured here are traditional Finnish fiddle tunes adapted for the Jew's Harp, traditional Norwegian Jew's Harp tunes and original compositions by the artist himself.

Tapani Varis (born 1968) is well known as a bassist and wind instrumentalist in Finland's thriving folk music scene, having played and recorded with numerous ensembles for over a decade. His interest in Jew's Harp has come to life in this, first solo album.

Origin Finland
CD Genre Folklore
Datenträgertyp Audio CD
Runtime 45:35:00
Year 1998

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Availability: In stock | Delivery time EU: 5-14 days, WORLD: 5-20 days

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Track List::
01. Gammal Bröllopspolska (The Old Wedding Polska)
02. Polska
03. Munniharppuuna (The Original Harpoon)
04. Metsäpelto D
05. Fanitullen
06. Takiax G in a
07. Maanitus (Persuasion)
08. Menuetti
09. Palkintopolska (The Prize Polska)
10. Valssi
11. Tantsum Pääle (After the Dance)
12. Jesus Din Søde Förening (Jesus Thou Sweet Companion)
13. Omsk-Avoin Kaupunki (Omsk-La Citta Aperta)
14. SordøLen

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