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Thunderer Whistle No. 1

Brass Whistle from England

This small whistle was already used by locomotive engineers in the 19th century to pass on signals.

Today it is used for sports, games and on demonstrations. It is appreciated by musicians as an effects instrument because it can be held comfortably in the mouth due to the edged mouthpiece. It can be blown easily and is remarkable for its loud, high and audible sound. Even with intense ambient noises, the trilling of this whistle can be heard, making it an excellent stage instrument.

The Thunderer Whistle No. 1 is manufactured in Birmingham by the traditional company J Hudson & Co (ACME) from sturdy brass and is nickel-plated. A small cork triller ball is placed in the sound box.

We are convinced by the high quality, the sustainable production and the longevity of this small whistle.

Origin United Kingdom
Material Brass, Nickel
Length approx. 4.5 cm (1.8")
Width approx. 1.7 cm (0.7")

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