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Vargan Dernovyi Vikinhy

Solid Jaw Harp from the Ukraine

Joy of playing is guaranteed with the Vargan Dernovyi Vikinhy. The Ukrainian blacksmith Oleksandr Dernovyi created a Jaw Harp entirely in the Norwegian style. The sharpened, medium-taut reed was fixed with a wedge in the heavy frame, which provides a stable reed control. Its powerful sound is wonderfully balanced and yet nice and loud. It can be modulated in a variety of ways through the different breathing techniques.

With his signature the master has discreetly eternalised himself on the rustic frame.

A minimalist block carved out of wood to fit each Jaw Harp is included in the delivery.

Origin Ukraine
Material Steel
Length approx. 8.0 cm (3.1")
Width approx. 4.0 cm (1.6")

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Vargan Dernovyi Vikinhy - D#2
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Vargan Dernovyi Vikinhy - F2
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