Wind Instruments

Funny noises can be made with several of our musical instruments in the category wind instruments: clownish with our kazoo, mysterious with our wind sound generator, playful with our Susu whistle. To sing with the birds can be succeeded with our diverse birdcall instruments and whistles. Even kids can discover quite a few among the wind instruments, from the ocarina to the owl whistle to the nose flute. Playing in a more sophisticated manner is done with our exquisite selection of flutes such as the Shakuhachi and Bansuri, the reed instruments Duduk, Xaphoon and Hulusi, as well as the trumpets didgeridoo and Tuwa.

Drawing birds could work with some of our imitated birdcalls. There is a big variety and it is fun to make the instruments sound – even a birdcall orchestra is possible: owl hoot, cuckooing, the call of the “Leipzig lark”, screech owl and eagle owl voices, the classic duck voice (even distinguished between mallard, teal, pintail, and pochard), crows, magpies, and just wild tweet. These sound generators could also become the tools for all those ornithologists who do not want to imitate birdcalls with their own voices.

Among the wind instruments you can find a whole range of effect instruments. Besides the kazoo there has been an enhancement of this sound persiflage: the Groowah. It combines the sound spectra of the kazoo with a bending effect (wahwah) which holds and slurs tones. Nor should we disregard the three-tone samba whistle Apito and our fine selection of nose flutes for which one needs a good puff.

Advanced musicians use the overtone flute - an instrument exploring the overtone series / harmonic. It is easy to play and can be adjusted by overblowing the keynote with a little bit of practice. Also the sound of didgeridoo and buffalo horn Tuwa is regulated just by the blowing technique. DAN MOI’s didgeridoos are wound. The advantage is: these didgeridoos fit into most travel bags. With their powerful sound the water buffalo horns serve as impressive call and signal instruments.

The Japanese end-blown flute Shakuhachi and the Indian transverse flute Bansuri have a remarkable cultural background. The Chinese Xiao also belongs to this group of instruments. At the DAN MOI shop you can find a choice of these instruments which come from master craftsmen’s workshops in the countries of origin and from Germany. Making these instruments in India and China is based on experience for hundreds of years.

Also from China comes the Hulusi, an empathic musical instrument with a mellow sound and an imposing appearance. Similar to the Hulusi in its temper, but with a completely different cultural context, is the Duduk – the magic oboe from Armenia. By looking into the future there has been a new creation among the wind instruments: the Xaphoon, an instrument between saxophone and flute.

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