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Wooden Kazoo

Exquisite Membranophone

Our wooden kazoo is fabulously crafted, about the size of a lighter, making it particularly comfortable to hold. Of course it should not stay there! Effect-rich sounds can be created almost without practice by singing in, humming or speaking.

The round transparent paper membrane on the top of the small instrument vibrates your voice and the melodies are amplified and modulated. This creates multi-faceted, nasal sounds reminiscent of a saxophone. It's so easy to play that you don't even have to take expensive music lessons in order to create virtuoso and entertaining sound experiences! Doesn't this recall memories of childhood - when one made blaring sounds with a comb and bread paper?

At DAN MOI you will find the modern version. Our Wooden Kazoo is, with its environmentally friendly materials, the optimal trouser pocket size, its lightweight and of course the incomparable jazz sound, the perfect pocket trombone for young and old.

If the kazoo no longer sounds good due to intensive music making, the membrane can easily be replaced with the membrane set. Simply remove the wooden ring, e.g. with a paper clip, and insert the new membrane plate.

The membrane set contains two membranes and a spare wooden ring for fixing.

Origin Country China
Material Tracing Paper, Wood
Length approx. 9.5 cm (3.8")
Width approx. 2.5 cm (1.0")

Availability: In stock | Delivery time EU: 5-14 days, WORLD: 5-20 days

Availability: In stock | Delivery time EU: 5-14 days, WORLD: 5-20 days

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Product Name Price Qty
Wooden Kazoo
8.90 € ¹
Incl. 19% VAT, Excl. shipping
Membrane Set: 2 Membrane + 1 Wooden Ring
1.80 € ¹
Incl. 19% VAT, Excl. shipping
Set of 10 Wooden Kazoos, plus 6 membranes + 3 wooden rings
91.00 € ¹
Incl. 19% VAT, Excl. shipping

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