In September 2015 the North-American Jew's Harp community gathers in Louisville, Kentucky

News from the jew's harp community from across the world: On September 16th there will be held a jew's harp congress in Louisville, Kentucky (USA). Jew's harpers, researchers and fans are invited to participate with contribution and to enrich actively the American National Jaw Harp Congress. Jerry Crisp organizes the gathering as part of the National Jug Band Jubilee (the anniversary of the Jug bands).

After the festival of the Jew´s Harp Guild in the US was canceled last year, this is the next opportunity to get to know the North American jew's harp scene. In planning are concerts, lectures and workshops. Info about and contact to the American National Jaw Harp Congress in 2015 can be found on the Facebook page of the event or on the Facebook profile of Jew's Harp Guild.

The next Jew's Harp Festival in Europe will take place in Dovre, Norway from September 25 to 27, 2015. There you can learn how a jew's harp is forged. In addition, jew's harp workshops and lectures will be held. The latest information is published by the Norwegian Jew's Harp Forum here.