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  • What to do when the Dan Moi Jew's Harp clatters?

    The Dan Moi jew's harps from Vietnam are characterized by being skillfully handmade in filigree craftsmanship. The split between reed and frame which is significantly responsible for a jaw harps sound quality, is razor-thin.

    And so - even though we are testing each and every instrument before shipping - it happens once in a while that a Dan Moi jew's harp clatters. Sometimes it is just a tiny flake that was not finished perfectly. In other cases it is due to temperature changes on transport. Or it also happens that the trump bends slightly while taking it off the case or box too euphorically :-)

    However, in most cases a clattering Dan Moi jew's harp is easy fix as our video shows:

    Just cut with a sharp blade along the grooves on the backside. It is important to put the instrument on a solid and flat surface while doing so.

    The example in the video shows a Triple Reed Solid Dan Moi, but it works with all other Dan Moi models, too.

    Just in case it doesn't work for you we will replace your Dan Moi (according to the legal replacement and returns policy).

    Dan Moi jew's harps that start to clatter after having been played intensively for a long time can get fixed sometimes with this trick. But sometimes they are just "done".

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