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  • The Coolest Booth on Earth

    The Coolest Booth on Earth (by Richard Gilewitz) on Live2Play Network Richard Gilewitz' article about DAN MOI at L2P Network

    Richard Gilewitz about the DAN MOI booth at the Musikmesse Frankfurt trade fair.

    Like every year we have been exhibiting at Europes largest music trade fair - the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany.

    And every year world class guitar player Richard Gilewitz drops by to go on an entertaining discovery tour through our musical instruments. Especially our jaw harps and sound effects instruments are always the source of plenty of fun.

    On Live2Play Network (L2P) Richard writes about his experiences at our stand with our instruments in his article: "The Coolest Booth on Earth"

    We always have fun, too, when you are visiting us, Richard ;-) Thank you for the praise.

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