• Goayandi - Jaw Harps in Natural Organic Trance Music

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    Since the primary musical instrument we started with obviously was the jaw harp, DAN MOI is trying to support a few jaw harp musicians once in a while. In this article we would like to introduce one of those bands merging live played electronical trance music with archaic musical instruments like didgerdoos, drums and percussions, and last but not least jaw harps. This French band is called GOAYANDI and they call their musical style "Natural Organic Trance".

    We asked François from Goayandi to briefly tell us the story of Goayandi and his personal relationship to jaw harps:

    "Goayandi got created 10 years ago; we were a group of friends gathering in the forest to jam with drums, guitars, didgeridoos et jaws harp around the fire.

    I first played drums and naturally the jaw harp came to me while I discovered this instrument through people in France, India and other places…

    I was fascinated by its sound, by its ecstatic and hypnotic power and its similitude with trance and electronic music. Playing a jaw harp with a drum for me is the best combination to make/translate trance music.

    For me it also represents a good way to meditate or dance.

    I tried several types but my favourite is the “Dan Moi” jaw harp, because it’s easy to play and it can be played only putting it at the lips. You don’t need to use your teeth and damage them!

    Also, the wide range of sounds of this instrument can give a multitude of colors and a cosmic dimension to the music played.

    For me, the jaw harp is the best synthesizer, multi effect, or dj filter ever. This instrument has the most psychedelic sound on earth; you don’t need a machine to make techno music, just play it, naturally, organically…"

    Goayandi on Tour

    Goayandi will be on tour again this year. Check out their tour calendar (will be updated soon!) here:


  • Goayandi opens the Boom Festival 2014 with a Jaw Harp

    Our friends of the French "natural Goa" band Goayandi did have the privilege to open this year's Boom Festival in Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal with several ten thousand guests.

    We know very well that it is not easy for a non-mainstream band to keep going and all bills paid. That's why we decided to support Goayandi with some musical instruments like jaw harps, shakers, maracas and other percussion from our store on a long-term base.

    By the way, Goayandi will play in a few days (Sept 6th) at the Tonnay Bon Festival in France. And here is the Link to Goayandis Facebook Fanpage.

    The photos are taken by Iza Viola. Find her here:

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