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Traditional Chinese vertical end-blown flute

The Xiao (pron. ‘tshao”) is a Chinese vertical end-blown flute and ancestor of the Japanese Shakuhachi. It has been used as a solo instrument or in small group settings for more than 2000 years. It’s warm and soft sound is easy to produce by blowing across the half-open blowing hole and is particularly wellsuited for slow and lyrical tunes.

Yet, it takes a little patience and practice to discover the Xiao’s full range of more than two octaves. Our Xiao is tuned to F.

An additional special feature of our Xiao is that it is made of massive root end-bamboo.
The holes at the lower, reverse end of the flute are used to initially tune it and complement the timbre of the instrument. Since it is made of two parts, it is also possible to adjust the tuning of this professional flute.

Comes with a soft case.

Tuning F major diatonic
Origin Country China
Material Bamboo
Length approx. 67.0 cm (26.4")

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