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In our blog we write about us, about Jaw Harps and other instruments, about events and artists related to our instruments.

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One week at the Marranzano World Fest in Catania/Sicily This year, the team around the musician and ethnomusicologist Luca Recupero managed to organise another edition, the 12th. This year's festival motto: Exploring the boundaries between language and music. Impressions from one week in Catania ;)


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Universe of Sounds – The DAN MOI Philosophy

DAN MOI considers itself as a fair trader of musical instruments, close to the customers and the producers. Our team is motivated by the fascination with handmade sounds, effect instruments, and with jaw harps in particular. Today DAN MOI can offer more than 400 different jaw harps made by artisans from all over the world. Moreover, there are more than 200 percussion, string, wind, and sound effects instruments, such as gongs, shakers, Duduk, Shakuhachi, nose whistles, mouth bows or kalimbas. The customer base counts more than 10.000 persons worldwide by now. Furthermore, we supply to 800 retailer/shop owners.

The special thing about DAN MOI is that most of our instruments are made by instrument makers and mouth harp smiths we know personally. It is an important concern for us to be in contact and work together with the producers. DAN MOI’s continuing demand for jaw harps and percussion instruments led to the filling of 20 new jobs in Vietnam for example. This is one reason why DAN MOI is accepted as supplier by the “Fair Trade” in Germany. One important part of our work is to find new jaw harp makers and unknown producers. Only very few artisans produce mouth harps as a full time job. Most of them have other professions and make only a relatively small number of instruments per year. Our work would not be possible without intensive personal connections.