Jaw Harps etc

When it comes to sound, shape, material and the way of making the variety of Jew's Harps is just huge. Our intention is to discover as many traditional and modern Jew's Harps as possible to make them available for you.

On one hand we try to help to keep Jew's Harp tradition and culture alive. The interest of many local people for this ancient instrument is gradually diminishing. Young people often see no future in keeping traditions and making ancient instruments, so local handicraft is unfortunately vanishing from many places worldwide. With an international interest in these rare instruments the we try to help to make rare Jew's Harps and local Jew's Harp culture survive.

On the other hand our aim is to advance the use of high grade Jew's Harp on stage. Still, the choice of good quality Jew's Harps in musical instruments stores is scrappy and of fairground or tourist souvenir quality. With our range of Jew's Harps we intend to show the full potential of this tiny instrument.

In this category the put all Jew's Harp related stuff together. We wish you lots of fun browsing through.

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