The Xaphoon is a pocket saxophone with an amazingly rich sound, and it is easy to play. It is a relatively young instrument which was produced in the 1970es by Hawaiian Brian Lee Wittman with the idea to create a simple instrument for children who like the sound of the saxophone.

It is blown at with a simple reed just like a saxophone or a clarinet. The tone holes are similarly arranged as with a flute. The Xaphoon overblows the clarinet in the twelfth. Therefore the combinations of chords in the second octave differ from the chords in the first octave. The chromatic scale can be played over two octaves on the Xaphoon.

The Xaphoon series available at DAN MOI has been made at the Wittman workshop in Hawaii. At DAN MOI you can find the “classical” Xaphoon made of bamboo, but also instruments made of plastic. The Xaphoon is our insider’s tip.

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