Baoding Balls

Especially now, in our overstimulating world, relaxing sounds are a crucial part of the DAN MOI portfolio. Multiple positive effects come with our Baoding balls. They are said to have a health-promoting, strengthening impact, when the two metal balls are rotated in one hand. Doing that, acupressure points in the inner side of the hand are activated, which has a favourable influence on the physical and mental well-being. Furthermore, the friction of the soft rotary movements generates gentle, warm tones that inspire an unwinding and decelerating atmosphere. A sanctuary for our stressed souls! Also, you can easily meditate with our Baoding balls.

Despite the Baoding balls that are sold in pairs, DAN MOI also offers sound marbles that are suitable for smaller hands. Those are available as single items and have multiple purposes. Pregnant women and midwifes are convinced of the gentle sounds that evoke a calming power for mother and child. It is also said, one can summon his guardian angel with such spheric tones. That’s why in Spain they are also well-known as “Llamadores de Angeles” (lit. angel callers). The Cosmic Baoding balls produced in Mexico are a true discovery. Their etheric, tender sound appears to be from another world, far away from here. Is that how angels or transcendent beings unknown to us are communicating? Could this be the music of the Elves? Those items that are also called Elf balls have surely one thing in common: They are addictive!

All Baoding balls are available in different sizes in our DAN MOI shop.

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