Melodious Metal

Kalimbas, wind chimes, musical saws and baoding balls have one thing in common: their magnificent sound. Whether it is the calming melodies of the kalimba, the improvisations of the Koshi chime carried along by the wind, or the exhilarating wailing of the “Lame Sonore”, the musical saw – the voices of these instruments make people pause for a moment, slow down from their daily routine and let their mind wander right away.

Kalimbas originating from African countries started traveling around the world many years ago. They are so popular and in great demand by now, that there is hardly a collection of musical instruments missing a kalimba. At DAN MOI you can find the Mbira - a ritual instrument for ancestor worship - from Zimbabwe. Selected wood, integrated rattle elements and high-quality metal guarantee a unique playing experience. With these Mbiras from Gonamombe there are no limits to professional playing or the art of improvisation.

For all those who are delighted when music playing happens by chance or natural forces, we suggest to take a look at our wind chimes. Wind chimes provide a natural balance in the place where they sound. The most popular are probably the ones made of bamboo cane. Most of the chimes offered by DAN MOI consist of thin metal tubes which create a pure and soft swinging sound. Our Koshi wind chimes are tuned according to the four elements of the earth. The sound of the colored Zaphir wind chimes can be chosen depending on your own mood or sense of sound. Futhermore, DAN MOI has added sustainably produced shell chimes to our range. Their swinging melodies remind of sun, sea and holidays.

Relatively unknown and rarely played is the musical saw, although this “musical tool” offers a sound alternation and amazes the audience. Some people compare its sound to the human voice. Others believe to hear the meditative singing of mythological beings when this curious instrument is played. Enchanting, wailing, transcendental – an instrument for discovering new worlds of sound.

Baoding Balls promise deep relaxation through the fusion of soft tones and gentle hand moves. At DAN MOI they are available in different sizes and qualities. The small treasures, originally coming from China, simply give pleasure - on tonal, physical and emotional level. With the rotating balls and their spherical tones you can train mindfulness and embark on spiritual journeys.

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