Interactive Sound Story - To Read Aloud And Join In  - Interactive Sound Story - To Read Aloud And Join In

Whether in the family, in a children's group or with senior citizens, sound stories are fun and connect, because they are entertaining, interactive and invite to discover, experience and communicate. Here you will find an example of a sound story with a short instruction. This is followed by 6 tips for implementation that can help you to organise the sound effects, the story itself and the participants. Variations and ideas for pedagogical work round off this blog.

Fitteafrotte: New Jaw Harps from Italy by Luca Boggio - Fitteafrotte: New Jaw Harps from Italy by Luca Boggio

Pure coincidence brought Luca Boggio together with the Ribeba specialist Alessandro Zolt a few years ago. Both come from Piedmont and are jaw harp enthusiasts. Zolt researches the history of the Ribeba. Boggio forges jaw harps. The two work together for almost a year to make a copy of a Ribeba from Valsesia. In a conversation with Helen Hahmann from DAN MOI, Luca Boggio reports on how he deals with the forgotten heritage of the northern Italian jaw harps (Ribeba).

Handpan: Origins, Unique Features and Playing Techniques - Handpan: Origins, Unique Features and Playing Techniques

In this blog post, we will delve into the fascinating world of handpans. We'll also uncover their origins from Caribbean steel drums over Hang drums to the variety of modern handpans and tongue drums. Furthermore, you'll discover various playing styles for different effects and learn how handpans compare with similar instruments like steel drums and tongue drums. Additionally, we will discuss the art of crafting these beautiful instruments using traditional manufacturing methods alongside modern techniques.

The Jaw Harp Festivals of 2023 - The Jaw Harp Festivals of 2023

Here are all the festival dates for jaw harp devotees at a glance. In 2023, jaw harp festivals will take place in Italy, Germany, Hungary, the USA, Norway, Estonia and France. Although Neptune Chapotin's World Mouth Harp Festival in Goa, India, is unfortunately taking a longer break for the time being, the events in other countries (despite Corona) are fortunately stable: the Ancient Trance Festival, the Marranzano World Fest, Global Vibes, and many more.

Busking jaw harper: Byon Kay - Busking jaw harper: Byon Kay

Since many years the Japanese busker and multiinstrumentalist Byon Kay is touring China, Thailand, Japan, Australia and Europe. He uses a loopstation, mouth harps, nose flutes, thelevi rattles, overtone flutes and other effect instruments to amaze people and to make them dance. DAN MOI was talking to Byon Kay about his approach to play mouth harp.

Kalimba Tuning - Simple and Efficient! - Kalimba Tuning

Anyone who plays a Kalimba regularly will certainly have noticed that the instrument begins to sound "inharmonic" or "weird" over time. Then the moment has come when you ask yourself, "What's going on here and how can I bring it back to its original condition?" After reading this blog post, you'll have the know-how you need to make your Kalimba sound clean again.

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